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WELCOME TO Patel Panchayati College Of Pharmacy

Let children creative and make a different

About us

At the Ppgoi International, we try several ways of bringing a little joy to all of our students. Each child is as unique as his/her unique thumbprint. The real challenge for any education system is to understand the strengths and turn the weaknesses into assets in an individual and provide financial support to them with the sponsorship of our loan vendors, who is keen in getting social service done, Visit www.loanstool.co.uk for more details. Our learning programmes give the children ample opportunity to explore and understand, do and learn, learn and apply, ask and understand. We encourage children to become a responsible and independent citizen with a sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline.

Our history

Ppgoi old campus is located at  N.H.28 Road area of the city with a new campus at Ram Sanehi Ghat  Barabanki.

  • University Faculties organise teaching and research into individual subjects.
  • The University is rich in history – its famous buildings attract visitors.
  • 50 years of people, and achievements that continue to transform.
  • The University’s core values are as follows:freedom of thought.


The professional standards and expectations

Mrs.Kusumlata Verma

Manager (Pharmacy)ppgoi

Mr.Jawahar Lal Verma

Chairman ppgoi